Best Food Processor Under $200 – Reviews and Buying Tips for 2021.

Having trouble buying a great Food Processor Under $200? We understand this problem because we have gone through the entire Food Processor Under $200 research process already, which is why we have put together a comprehensive list of the best Food Processor Under $200 available in the market today.

After hours of researching and using all the models on the market, we find the best Food Processor Under $200 of 2021. Check out our ranking below!

The Best Food Processor Under $200 Reivews

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10 Cups - Bowl Scraper, Stainless Steel

$54.99  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • Bowl scraper attachment: Special attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl to keep ingredients close to the blades for more even results and to save you time when chopping or pureeing — no need to stop and remove the lid to use a spatula
  • 10 cup capacity: The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to empty it
  • Large feed chute: Can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less prep time
  • Versatility of a food processor, food chopper and vegetable chopper: Reversible stainless steel disc slices and shreds, while the stainless steel s-blade chops, mixes and purees
  • 2 speeds plus pulse and 450 watts of power: Food processor's low and high speeds plus pulse gives you the control you need for a variety of recipes

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper, Black (70725A)

$59.99  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • Prep the freshest ingredients: A powerful 450 watt motor and 2 speeds plus pulse control save you time and money
  • Simple to assemble and use: Stack and snap design requires no difficult twisting or locking; A simple function guide is printed on the food processor for ease of use
  • 12 cup capacity: Sealed bowl helps prevent leaks when mixing liquids; Dimensions (inches) 16.25 H X 9.55 W X 8.76 D; BPA free in all food zones
  • Stainless steel blades: S-blade and reversible slice & shred disc chop, slice, shred, mix and puree just about anything
  • Large feed chute: Big mouth feed chute fits whole foods for quick, easy processing and less prep time

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor 1000-Peak-Watts with Auto-iQ Preset Programs Chop Puree Dough Slice Shred with a 9-Cup Capacity and a Silver Stainless Finish

$99.99  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • 1000 Peak Watts: The most powerful kitchen food processor (under 200 dollar) can process the toughest ingredients with ease. (based on average selling price and rated wattage)
  • Professional Versatility & Performance: Dedicated blades and discs deliver restaurant-worthy results. Precisely chop, consistently slice, and evenly mix all in one appliance
  • 4 Auto-iQ Intelligent Preset Programs: Make food prep easier with our dedicated preset programs. Chop veggies, shred cheese, and make smooth sauces and quick pizza dough or cookie dough from scratch—all at the touch of a button
  • 9-Cup Capacity: Expect consistent results whether you’re chopping a small batch (a few garlic cloves) or an entire bowlful of ingredients—great for large families and entertaining guests
  • 2 Lbs of Dough in as Little as 30 Seconds: Powerful dough mixer with the torque to quickly and evenly fold in ingredients

Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper, 350 Watts, for Dicing, Mincing, and Puree, Black (72850)

$21.99  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • Simply stack and press to chop: The patented stack & press design makes it easy to assemble and use. Simply press the lid to chop and release to stop. Since all you do is stack the lid on top of the bowl, no difficult twist-locking is needed.
  • Perfect size for everyday use: Chop and mix up to 3 cups of ingredients every day of the week with this 3 cup chopper. It's the perfect size for everyday use, yet small enough for easy storage.
  • Easily chop, puree and emulsify with stainless steel blades: Durable stainless steel blades make easy work of a multitude of ingredients including onions, carrots and nuts. Oil dispenser on lid makes it easy to emulsify dressings, dips and sauces.
  • Easy to clean: The bowl, lid and removable blades of the Hamilton Beach chopper are all dishwasher safe.
  • Power through tough ingredients: This small food chopper has a 350 watt motor to provide all the power you need to prepare all types of food including onions, nuts, herbs, hummus, dressings and homemade baby food.

BLACK+DECKER HC150B 1.5-Cup One-Touch Electric Food Chopper, Capacity

 in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • 1.5-Cup Capacity
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts
  • Improved Chopping Assembly and Lid
  • Oil Holes: Add oil to hummus and vinaigrette as you mix without making a mess.
  • Stainless Steel Blades - Bi-level stainless steel blades stay sharp, providing long-lasting performance

Cuisinart FP-11GMFR Food Processor, Gunmetal (Renewed)

$65.00  in stock
11 new from $62.99
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • Exclusive patent pending seal tight advantage system-seals bowl and locks blade
  • Supreme wide mouth Feed tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables
  • Adjustable slicing disc
  • Reversible shredding disc - medium to fine
  • Stainless steel chopping/mixing/dough blade

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

$39.95  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • 250-watt food processor with 3-cup plastic work bowl
  • Chops and grinds with patented reversible stainless-steel blade
  • Simple push-button control panel; durable, yet lightweight plastic body. LWH (in inches) : 5.00 x 7.00 x 9.25
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup; spatula included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards.Wipe the motor base clean with a damp sponge or cloth

Mueller Ultra Prep Food Processor Chopper for Dicing, Grinding, Whipping and Pureeing – Food Chopper for Vegetables, Meat, Grains, Nuts and Whisk for Eggs and Cream

$29.97  in stock
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • The Most Versatile Kitchen Tool - With the Mueller UltraPrep Food Processor, possibilities are endless! This lightweight yet powerful kitchen appliance is easy to use and makes quick work of everyday chopping, grinding, pureeing, and whisking! Chop fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, nuts, mix up relishes and blend up dips and sauces. Make homemade nut butter, or grind spices and grains. Add the whipping disk attachment to whisk egg whites, whip cream, or froth milk. The list goes on!
  • Food Prep In Seconds - No need to struggle with multiple knives, choppers, and heavy equipment when this mini food processor can do everything for you in less than 30 seconds. The dual-rotation technology allows you to chop as coarsely or as finely as you like with the premium stainless steel S-shaped blades or use the whisk to whip ingredients until light and fluffy.
  • Safe And Practical - Food processor features all non-toxic,food-grade materials and convenient non-slip feet. Fingers are kept safe with the safety mechanism preventing blade operation without the lid secured. What is also handy is the bonus food limiter attachment that keeps smaller ingredients compact and prevents them from splattering up the sides of the bowl. When done, grab the extra-wide grip handle and easily pour out your ingredients without the risk of the blade/whisk falling out too!
  • Convenient Cleaning - Clean-up is as quick as chopping with easy-to-detach parts for rinsing or placing in the top rack of the dishwasher. The compact food chopper has a small footprint so is effortlessly stored and pulled out again in a flash for your everyday food prep needs.
  • Superior Quality With Mueller - We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us. Our unparalleled 24/7 live telephone customer support is ready and waiting to assist with anything you need!

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Chrome

$139.99  in stock
4 new from $139.99
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as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • Includes new chopping blade, three slicing/shredding discs, spatula
  • Ideal for making dough, slicing vegetables, shredding cheese, mincing garlic and herbs, mixing batters, emulsifying
  • 11-cup work bowl large enough for a family.UC Cubic Feet: 1.07
  • Extra-large feed tube for larger food slices. Stainless steel thin slicing disc (2mm) and medium slicing disc (4mm)
  • Five-year full motor warranty, three-year limited entire unit warranty

Food Processor, REDMOND 8-Cup Vegetable Chopper Electric with 2L Bowl for Mincing/Pureeing/Chopping Meat and Peeling Garlic, 2-Speed Adjustment, 350W (Green)

$26.99  in stock
as of September 20, 2021 1:30 am


  • 【Two Speed Food Processor】: Fast speed mode designed for mincing meat or grinding hard ingredients such as nuts. Slow speed mode is applied for soft food like vegetables, fruits and etc. Making solid food like mashed potatoes/milkshake is also very easy with this chopper
  • 【Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper and Garlic Peeler】: REDMOND electric food chopper contains a meat-chopping and a garlic grating device, in addition to mincing food, you can also peel the garlic with no need for hand peeling
  • 【Quickly Shred in 8-20 Seconds】: Powerful 350W motor, 4 stainless steel sharp blades, and the 2L glass bowl (Cut the food into 1-2 cm pieces and put them into the bowl, do not exceed the maximum capacity of 1200ml), you can quickly chop the ingredients by this vegetable processor in 8 seconds, Noise lower than 40db
  • 【Overheat Protection】: This food processor has an overheating protection function. When the temperature reaches a certain height, the machine will automatically stop using it, which is normal. When the temperature returns to normal, the machine can continue to be used
  • 【Safe & Convenient】: With the splash-proof cover between the motor and the bowl, and the non-slip bottom rubber pad under the bowl, you can handle any food without any accident. In addition, the sharp blades go with 4 protective covers

How Do You Buy The Best Food Processor Under $200?

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  • Would the Best Food Processor Under $200 bring you any benefits? If they do, what are they?
  • What are the important factors to keep in mind when looking for the Best Food Processor Under $200?
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These are just basic questions, and you can ask yourself more or less questions based on your specific situation. We advise you to use the information from our guides and consult other reputable sources to make the Best Food Processor Under $200. Potential credible sources will include, but not limited to:

  • Other buying guides for the Best Food Processor Under $200.
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The information in our guide to the Best Food Processor Under $200 is completely objective and authentic. We employ technologies such as AI and big data in thoroughly checking our collected data. Custom-made algorithms also allow us to create top-10 lists of the Best Food Processor Under $200 available on the current market. In the making of our lists, we take a group of criteria into consideration. These factors include, but not limited to:

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  • Features: The characteristics of the Best Food Processor Under $200 that truly matter.
  • Specifications: Figures that are the results of professional measurements and reflect the technical aspect of the Best Food Processor Under $200.
  • Product quality: The Best Food Processor Under $200 tested performances versus theoretical or advertised performances. These real-world performances indicate whether you get your money’s worth or not.
  • Product reliability: The products’ levels of durability and abilities to handle usage, with or without malfunctioning or breaking. These are the indications of how long you will be able to use the Best Food Processor Under $200, and the cautions that you might need to take while doing so.
    Product value: The overall value that you get from the Best Food Processor Under $200 based on the aforementioned factors.
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